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Welcome to Marky Mark's Humble Abode

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I'd like to thank Anchovie for giving me the inspiration to make a site, visit MayoMole's Cavern because its Anthonys 1337 h4x0r site. Oh and dont believe anything Anthony's site says about me...


Cool Stuff



Hi guys! This is Mark's Super Site of Death...


June 13: Check out the scolling message up there! I stole it from Anthony's site just like how I stole everything else! Nice.

May 30: No more school! I stole Anthony's cheesey mouse trail and put it on my fun page. Phew! he's not pissed

May 29: I updated the new friends section. Anthony is the first victim. 1 day of school left! ...I'm bitter because every school except Parkhill gets TAAS exemption so they dont have to take any exams and we have to take exams.... those dastardly exams...

May 23: I surrender to the almighty Anchovie in internet site greatness... This is only temporary because once G$ finally gives me that banner, I'm gonna bust out in a flurry of supa leet updates that will overwhelm you all!

May 20: Man I havnt updated in 13 days.... there was a proxy error or something when I tried to update last week. Garetts finished with my banner but hes being a homo and got a new computer and its on his old one and hes too lazy to do anything about it.

May 7 : Only 16 days of school left! Woooo... G$ says he's done with the banner but he hasnt given it to me yet. -Mark

May 6 : First time updating in about 4 days... *gasp* well... this isnt really an update im just telling you people that I will have more updates later, oh, and ninjas are totally sweet. Ninjas are mammals so they can be mean OR totally awesome!! -Mark

May 2 : Hmm... I added some new pictures... thats about it for now -Mark

April 30 : Ahaha! Im updating this from School in the computer lab... I'm done with what im supposed to do in the computer lab so im updating stuff here... -Mark

April 29 : Alright! All parts are functioning corectlly... Today I just put up a new picture and a few other updates. More still to come. I'm going to try to do daily updates but I dont know if I will have time. G$ is making me a banner and that'll probably be up within a week and Steevo is joining my web team and I'll teach him my 1337 html skillz. I need jokes and pictures people tell me some jokes and show me some pictures! Bye. -Mark

April 28 : My site is up and running today, yay! There isnt anything on it yet and its under construction. -Mark