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Anthony made a section for me on his part, now im just getting my revenge.

Anchovie is a ragin asian who who has a fro. He likes to collect dirty coins some guy dug up thousands of miles away. He also likes to say "Thats what I'm talkin about!" exept he says it all nerdy like. He tries to play counter-strike but he fails miserably at it. He also fails miserably at HTML and has no hope of ever matching my HTML greatness.

This is Anthony. Pigeons often poop on his face because they mistake it for a toilet. As you can see by the whiny look on his face, he crys and complains a lot

Just kidding thats not Anthony... this is

Ahahaha! Just kidding! I dont have a real picture of him though. You should check out his site though its pretty cool.

MayoMole's Cavern

You'll probably think its way better than mine... but just you wait!