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This is the Jedi Knight II symbol and Jedi Knights are 1337
HaHa silly canadians! Brought to you buy G$... also the one below is from him too...
Somebody please think of the Kittens! Brooks is killing about 6 a day... From ok theres some credit... please dont sue me.
This is downtown Dallas
Ahaha I drew this!!! His head is on fire!!!! Weeeee!!!
Silly Canadians!
This is my future job
This is an alternate job to the one above it
Oh man... That sucks...
I figured out the puzzle with my amazing intellect... Ask me if you wanna know
Damn terrorists...
Go away commies (I did not draw this one)
Best game... ever
Ninjas are totally sweet! And by totally sweet, I mean totally awesome!

I need more pics!!!! Send me some or tell which ones to put up here

Tell me if you want me to put any certain pictures here