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Journey to The Center of The Earth

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Character Analysis

Professor Lidenbrock - He is the eldest on the journey.  He is very adventurous, and it was his decision to undertake the journey.  The Professor shows great optimism and determination throughout the journey, and rarely accepts defeat.  He uses the fact that Arne Saknussem claimed to have reached the center of the earth as a means to continue the journey despite how long it would take him or if they would have enough food to last.  However, he has a fairly large ego.  The only times he admits that he is wrong are when he chooses to wrong tunnel to enter in the beginning and his decision to cross the large body of water they encounter.  He often looks to disprove theories of many famous philosophers so that he doesn't look wrong.  Some of the theories were disproved, but many times the Professor was wrong.
Axel - Also known as Harry, he is the narrator of the novel.  This nephew of the Professor is a lot more pragmatic than his uncle.  He often sticks to the theories of philosophers, and is the quickest to suggest that they ascend back to the surface when something goes wrong.  Sometimes it hurts the journey when he is not as optimistic as his uncle, but he is more practical and uses a little more common sense.
Hans - Hans, an eider-gatherer from Iceland, does the most labor for the crew.  He is a very strong and hard worker, so he often carries things that Axel and the Professor are not fit enough to.  Hans is very indifferent, and rarely shows emotion or states an opinion on an issue.  He is very loyal, but only as long as he is paid money.  He stated before the journey that he would go as far as the Professor's scientific expeditions would take him, but he would leave immediately if he did not receive his money on Saturday, his payday.  He will do whatever the Professor, his "Master", will tell him because that is who pays him.
Gretchen - She is Axel's cousin and fiancÚ. She makes very few appearances in this book, but is often mentioned by the narrator, Axel.  Seeing her again is one of Axel's motives to survive when the journey gets challenging.


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