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Journey to The Center of The Earth

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Study Questions

1. How is it foreshadowing after Axel translates the text of Arne Saknessum.
2. Why does Hans proclaim the Professor as his "Master" and obeys him instead of Axel, even though Axel's ideas can sometimes be a lot more reasonable.
3. Why does Gretchen support the Professor in his decision to travel to the center of the earth?
4. At what few parts of the journey does the Professor admit that he is wrong.
5. Where does the crew emerge from inside the earth?
Stephen Yang:
1. How did they solve the problem of their water source?
2. What was indicated by the compass losing all its properties?
3. What was the overall tone of this book?
4. People's natures are revealed when they travel together. What do we find out about the Professor and about Harry?
5. Why does it seem to bother the Professor so much that they are without food when he showed so little concern when they were without water?

TYLER CAMERON 1.the name of axel&'s love is? grauben 2.Which two sea monsters fought in the underground sea? Plesiosaurus, ichthyosaurus 3.Profession of doctor Lidenbrock? Teacher of mineralology 4.What is the underground sea renamed? Lidenbrock Sea 5.What day do the men arrive back at Hamburg? September 9, evening

By: Stephen GRANTHAM

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